5 quick organising tips to breeze through housework

5 organizing tips to breeze through housework

It must be the new year syndrome that’s kicking in. I’ve been clearing clutter, organising and re-organising around the house the entire week!

Since it’s the start of 2014, and with Lunar New Year less than a month away (it’s much earlier this year), I’m sure many of you are busy spring cleaning.

Here are five quick tips that I’ve found useful when it comes to efficient house making.

1. Hang clothes based on room and drawer organization.

Like many Singaporeans, we sun our clothes using bamboo poles.  It’s not typical of us to use a clothes dryer, given the hot and humid climate.  What I didn’t realise was, there was a “logic” to hanging clothes to save time!

Perhaps, most of you, homemaking experts have already known this:

Start by hanging the clothes based on the nearest room from your laundry area.  For us, Hannah’s room would be the first.  So, I’ll start with Hannah’s clothes.

Next, arrange the clothes on the pole similar to how your drawer or cupboard is organized.  The first drawer stores Hannah’s towels , so I hang the towels first, followed by her top and bottom.  Start with the drawer or cupboard nearest to the entrance and work your way in.

Finally, I move on to our clothes and do likewise.  That way, when I take in our clothes, I’m able to immediately put the clothes away from the first room to the last, without sorting or having to walk to and fro.

5 organizing tips to breeze through housework

2. Use tissue boxes to store condiments.

When I’m cooking, I find that it’s never easy to avoid spillage when handling condiments and oils.  To save time from cleaning the spills, I use empty tissue boxes to store condiments like light/dark soya sauce, cooking oil and sesame oil.  The cardboard soaks any oil spill and you can throw the box away when it’s dirty.

3. Fold grocery plastic bags into triangles to save space.

Who knew that little plastic bags can actually morph into an unsightly monster that clutter your cupboards!  My mother-in-law to the rescue!  She taught me a way to tame that clutter by folding plastic bags into triangles that can be neatly stacked away.  I found the plastic bag folding instructions on WikiHow for those interested.

4. Organise your paper and plastic bags by size and type.

To help find your plastic and paper bags easily, I organized my bags by size and type, and store them in a similar bag.  In other words, I use a small plastic bag to contain all other small plastic bags, one paper shopping bag to store the rest of my paper shopping bags, and a plastic shopping bag to store the rest.  That way, I’ll see what I need in a glance.

5. Using salt to absorb odors in fridge.

This one isn’t about organizing but it’s such a simple and useful method to freshen up the fridge.  I once read that filling a citrus peel with salt can help freshen up the fridge.  It works but at times when I don’t have citrus peel, I simply leave a small bowl of salt at the back of my fridge.  And it works just as well.  I use it for the freezer to get rid of any fishy smell.

What are your best-kept organising tips that makes housework a breeze for you?


Photo credits: ExeterAnna  and YL Tan via photopin cc


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5 thoughts on “5 quick organising tips to breeze through housework”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I love no. 2 and 3. Will try them out. I use baking soda (bicarb) to absorb odours in the fridge. I also leave 3-4 plastic bags inside my trash can so that when I throw out the dirty/full one, I just need to pull up a new clean one in place.

    1. No it doesn’t (so far so good). What charcoal do you use? I’ve seen articles about putting charcoal in the fridge but I’m not sure what kind of charcoal…all I could think of are those we use for BBQ! Haha!

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