Picture This: Visit to Central Fire Station


While I recover from my year-end blues, I decided to take a break from school and just spend our December traveling around parts of Singapore, snuggle up with lots of books and enjoying each day with my little girl.  I hope to find joy and purpose in the little things, all over again.

A dear friend who knew what I was going through invited us to join her family for a visit to the Central Fire Station, on Hill Street.  Needless to say, Hannah was all excited the night before, and she even got up earlier than usual!

Every Saturday morning (9am to 11am), fire stations in Singapore conduct an open house for families, free-of-charge.  There were so many things to see and do!  We learned the equipments found in an ambulance, what happens during the journey from the ambulance to the hospital, how quickly the fire-fighters suit up (those suits weigh a ton!), and how these heroes in action slide down the fire pole (didn’t realize there were different techniques too!).


Children were allowed to hop on the Red Rhino (a mini fire fighting vehicle), handle the Water-mist Gun (a gun that sprays water out into fine mist that helps put out fire faster), and climb up the fire engine.  Initially, parents were rather apprehensive to let their children climb up the fire engines and all, until the people-in-charge started carrying the children up the vehicles.  Then, all the children went crazy.  There were long queues everywhere and constant pleas by children wanting to try something again.  It had rained early in the morning, and children were having a ball of a time jumping on huge puddles of water too!

Want to join in the fun? Visit the Singapore Civil Defence Force website here for more information.



The Central Fire Station is the oldest fire station in Singapore.  Built in 1908-09, this fire station was then gazetted as a national monument in 1998.  The building marked the start of modern fire-fighting services, and the change from horse-drawn fire-carts to motorized fire engines.


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