Our Last Minute DIY Christmas Decorations!

Can’t you believe it?  Christmas is only 2 days away!  I’ve been busy cleaning the house, traveling around Singapore with the family and just cuddling a lot with Hannah as we read our Christmas books.

I’ve only started decorating the house just a two days ago!  With little time on hand, here’s what we came up with:


Paper Snowflakes

I was inspired by Christy of “Kids ‘R’ Simple” and her paper snowflakes and decided to try out the tutorial by Martha Stewart.  Then, Hannah helped display the snowflakes on our windows.  I would very much like to try decorating with these stiffened doilies too!  Sadly, I don’t seem to find textile doilies around.

Handprint Gift Tags

Both my husband I wanted Hannah to understand that Christmas isn’t just a time of receiving presents but also a time of giving.  Giving can come in various forms like spending quality time with people you care, showing acts of service, and gifts.

As shared previously, year-end is usually the wet season.  While waiting for the rain to stop, we did lots of painting.  One of which was finger painting – amounting to several sheets of handprints.

Rather than shelving them aside or throwing them away, we recycled our art as gift tags for friends and family.  I cut out the handprints and stuck them on colored Mala Paper (from Ikea).  Hannah used self-inking stamps to decorate the inside of the tags too.

I thought it’ll be sweet to give them to Hannah’s Sunday School teachers who cared for her for the past year.  It’s been a significant year for us.  From a toddler who ran all over the classroom to a preschooler who now colors, listens to stories (still working on this aspect) and sings along.  Every week, Hannah looks forward to Sunday and seeing her teachers.

Felt Christmas Tree

My initial plan was to get a Christmas tree but there wasn’t much space around our house, and my husband wasn’t a fan of one.  His theory was “Why spend so much money on a tree when you only get to see it for only a month?  Where will the tree be after December? In the storeroom.”

I hate to admit this but he was right.  We don’t have the luxury of space.  Our storeroom is packed to the brim too.  So for this year, I improvised.  We have a felt Christmas tree that’s stuck on our wall!

We made our Christmas tree only this evening.  It took us no more than 20 minutes to get the cutting and pasting done.  Hannah happily peeled the adhesive backing of the decorations and stuck those felt decors on the tree. Leftover felt was used to form the tree.  Then, I made the decorations with a pack of adhesive felt (comes in 3 colored sheets) from Daiso.

I’m very pleased with our decorations because we made them together.  The joy on Hannah’s face every time she accomplished her task was priceless.

And to you who’s reading this…



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7 thoughts on “Our Last Minute DIY Christmas Decorations!”

  1. Glad you like the paper snowflakes! It’s right that Christmas tree only sees daylight for a month but I still find it worthwhile to use it as a tradition to enjoy setting up with the kids, enjoy watching the lights blink in rhythm, enjoy the smiles on the kids’ face… that’s to me is worth the effort of setting the tree up 🙂 Also, I love Christmas!
    Your crafts are so lovely to make!
    Thanks for linking up!
    Merry Christmas!

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