My First Taste of Dole Whip – A Disney Treat!


My special thanks to Cristina, from A Homeschool Mom, for introducing Dole Whip to me and my friends!

Our friend was organizing a Christmas party over the weekend, and I wanted to give them a special treat for the season.  When I read the recipe, I figured that if her students could make them, it should be simple enough for a klutz like me who doesn’t bake or own a whisk.

So I’m off to Daiso to get my first whisk that cost only $2.  Then, my husband helped gather the ingredients at Sheng Siong Supermarket.  Then, he realized  there were more than one kind of cream – heavy cream, whipping cream…but no heavy whipping cream!  After a quick google on his phone and he bought whipping cream.

Although, later I found out online that we should have bought heavy cream as it contains more milk fat so it will whip better and hold its shape longer.  Heavy whipping cream contains 36% or more milk fat, while whipping cream is a bit lighter with only 30% fat.

I varied my method slightly – froze the pineapple slush for an hour plus before proceeding to whip the cream.  The party was in the evening and Hannah’s terrified of the whirling sound of the blender.  So, I had to blend the pineapples while Daddy brings her out for a walk.

Back at my friend’s house, I made a mistake of leaving the Dole Whip in the fridge and not the freezer.  The whip was much softer and doesn’t hold its shape when we scooped it into ice cream cones.


The Dole Whip certainly looked and tasted better after an hour plus of freezing!

You could even bring the festive cheer to your Dole Whip by adding green and red food coloring to your dessert. 🙂




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