Picture This: Singapore Botanic Gardens


This week, we head down to the Singapore Botanic Gardens (SBG) for some fresh air and greenery.  As part of their 50th anniversary, the Gardens held a series of activities for families throughout the year.  Every day is filled with different activities from morning to night.

We joined the children’s art and craft activities at Lawn E.  For that morning, the art and craft session was creating a 3D “Vanda Miss Joaquim” orchid.  Children get to learn about the different parts of our national flower, and assemble them on their own.

There was also an ongoing coloring competition, “Colours of SBG Heritage”, for children ages 3-12 to take part in.

Then, we took a stroll to the “Living in a Garden” interactive exhibition at the new City Developments Limited (CDL) Green Gallery.  The exhibition showcases the greening journey to transform Singapore into a garden city.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to visit the Heritage Museum because Hannah was getting hungry!  So we adjourned to Food for Thought for a yummy-licious lunch.

Finding something to do this weekend?  Take a walk to the Singapore Botanic Gardens and learn about moths and butterflies found in the gardens (happening on Sunday, 15 Nov 2013,  4 to 5.30pm, Lawn E).

And oh, you can even watch movies under the stars too!  They are showing “Wall-E” this Saturday, 14 November 2013, Lawn E.  Movie starts at 8.30pm.  Why not bring your kids there for a family movie night? 🙂

For more details: http://www.nparks.gov.sg/50years/50years.php



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