Counting Down to Christmas with Jesse Tree


I’m terribly late in posting this since we are already in the second week of December!  I’ve seen so many postings on Advent Calendars (way back in November) that I was inspired to create one.  I kept thinking I had the luxury of time, only to realize that I procrastinated and it was on the last day of November that I scrambled to get my materials.  Phew!

While trying to get ideas on the Advent Calendar, I stumbled upon the Jesse Tree.  I didn’t know what it was about and decided to do a quick check.  Then, fickle me, decided to create a Jesse Tree instead.  For one, I wasn’t sure how to fill all 25 days of the Advent Calendar with activities.  A better reason would be, I wanted to revisit all the Bible stories we’ve read, and to follow through how each person played a part in God’s plan.

These were some of the sites I’ve visited:

I decided to use the calendar connections from 1+1+1=1 as it provided a concise summary for each scripture reading, and it included days for the entire month.  As I was printing it, silly me, didn’t read the instructions and clicked “duplex printing”. Sigh…

The print outs weren’t in order and eventually I drew my own symbols instead.  Halfway through, I’m glad I drew them instead of re-printing.  Now, I can proudly tell Hannah, “Mama drew these.”

We’re into Day 11 of our calendar.  Every morning, Hannah would ask for “Jesse Tree” as she puts blu-tack behind the card after we’ve read the scripture and summary.  The little girl would always say “Christmas is coming soon!” after sticking the card on the wall.

How have you been counting down your days to Christmas?


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