Picture This: SEA Aquarium

This year, my husband’s company organized a Family Day to the SEA Aquarium at Resort World Sentosa.  Hannah and I were thrilled to visit the World’s largest aquarium.  Having seen the beautiful pictures taken by friends and bloggers who had visited the attraction, we couldn’t wait to come face to face with the majestic creatures of the sea.


We were given a brief introduction of this magnificent sea creature.  The introduction was simple enough for Hannah to understand.  The lady used a soft toy manta ray to show how the manta ray moved its large blanket-shaped body.

Do you know that the manta ray has the largest brain to body ratio when compared to all rays?


There were several magnifying-glass-like attachments (I’m not sure what’s it called really) on the tanks of small sea creatures. E.g. sea horses, stone fish and prawns.  Many young children gathered around the magnifying glass to get a closer look.


The Discovery Touch Pool is a hit with children and adults alike!  Visitors get to touch sea stars and sea urchins.


We got to see the athletic Indo-Pacific bottle nose dolphins swimming around, schools of fish swimming in unison, the silent and cold octopus and nautilus.  I always wondered what went through the thoughts of these cold water creatures as they remained ever so still.


My favorite part of the aquarium is definitely these hypnotic sea jellies!  Who would thought that sea jellies commute more than 1,000m up and down in the water daily.  What a feat!


There’s a built-in clear dome that allows visitors (mainly the children) to crawl in and view these scary looking eels up close.  Although they look menacing, they are generally shy creatures and will only attack when provoked.


Last stop: the sharks!  It’s our first time seeing so many species of sharks – scalloped hammerhead sharks, silver tip sharks and the sandbar sharks.  It’s interesting to know that a shark may lose as many as 30,000 teeth in a lifetime.  Wow!


As we head out, we saw some exhibits of the Maritime Experiential Museum.  It showcased pirates from Southeast Asia and China.  In the picture above, you’ll see Hannah issuing a “fire cannon” flag command to her “crew”.

While lunching at the Fish and Crab Shack, we managed to catch a short video of Admiral Zheng He’s voyages in the 15th Century.  The ship was a full-sized replica of Admiral Zheng’s “Bao Chuan” which means “Treasure Ship”.

Overall, we spent a lovely morning at the SEA Aquarium.  Hannah begged for more when we were about to leave.  I guess we should be visiting this place more often. 🙂


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