The Runaway Bunny

Cover of "The Runaway Bunny"
Cover of The Runaway Bunny

Last week, we covered “The Runaway Bunny”, one of the book recommendations in “Before FIAR”.  I’ve read wonderful reviews about this book was excited to get started.  The story talks about a bunny that tries to run away from his mother and the great lengths his mother goes to find her baby.  A heartwarming story that depicts a mother’s love for her child.

Accompanying Activities
As we read the story, we admired the beautiful illustrations that alternate between black and white and colored.  We observed that the black and white images were of the bunny leaving his mother, while the colored showed his mother having found him.  Hannah looked at the colored pages longer and would point out the little details like the bunny’s mother doing a tight-rope, the fishing rod the mother rabbit used, and the bunny’s ears which became his sail.  Hannah particularly loved the circus scene, and imagined herself as a tight-rope walker – in her PJs and with her little umbrella.

For our other activities, we used “The Runaway Bunny” printables from Homeschool Creations (awesome site!).


  1. Help Bunny Find his Carrot Maze
    As you can see above, it took some trial and error before Hannah was able to help the bunny find his carrot.  It would have been better if we’d used a pencil to trace.
  2. Label the Bunny
    I don’t have a laminating machine and I was too lazy to use contact paper to wrap it.  So I used small post-it pads to label the parts of the bunny.  Hannah wasn’t really into this activity.  She only did the ears and tail.
  3. Label the Pictures
    This is another labeling activity that didn’t seem to catch Hannah’s attention.  I wrote the words on the post-it pads and Hannah was suppose to stick to the correct label.  But it didn’t catch her attention.  I lost her after the second word, “tree”. 😦
  4. Peg the First Letter of the Name
    This was by far her favorite! It must be the pegs.  Haha~  I said out loud each name and Hannah was to peg against the first letter.  E.g. Peg “F” for “Fish”.  She fumbled when it came to “Stream” so I emphasized the “S” sound and had her try again. The little girl beamed with pride when she got them right.


I have mixed feelings towards this book.  Aside from the beautiful illustrations and all, I somehow sense that Hannah wasn’t really into this story.  Unlike the other stories that we’ve read, she was more focused on the graphics than on the story.

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