Three Billy Goats Gruff


G is for goat.  Our letter of the week theme continues with the letter “G”.  And one of our readings, includes Paul Galdone’s,  “The Three Billy Goats Gruff”.  This is a charming rendition of a classic fairy tale – simple for a preschooler to understand and the illustrations are beautiful.

After reading the story aloud, we tried to create the “trip trap” sounds that the Gruffs made, by hitting two plastic cups on the table. Then we “trip trap” along as we re-read the story.

Hannah enjoyed the story very much and asked to read it over and over again.  After the third or fourth consecutive reading (phew~), we built a bridge out of blocks and used our friendly Mr. Spiderman as the troll while our three plastic farm goats became the Gruffs.  I asked Hannah to be the voice  of the goats while I became the evil Troll, but our little girl volunteered to be the evil troll instead. Haha!  It was adorable watching Hannah speak in her low small voice, trying to imitate the troll.

For the activity sheets, I downloaded a free Three Billy Goats Gruff Pack from  I didn’t print the entire activity pack; just the patterns and spotting the difference.

Besides that we learned:

  1. difference in size:”little”, “medium” and “large”;
  2. difference in volume: “small”, “medium”, “loud”;
  3. difference in age: “youngest”, “middle” and “eldest”; and
  4. skip-counting in 3’s.

It was a fun-filled week for the both of us!  Now, who’s that I hear trip-trapping…?


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