The Story of Moses

We learned about the story of Moses during weeks 7 to 10 of 3-Year ABC Jesus Loves Me curriculum.  We begin where Moses was placed in a basket and into the river.

To help Hannah understand the story, we made baby Moses, basket and river out of play dough.  It wasn’t a work of art or anything spectacular but it served as a useful illustration for Hannah to remember for the week.


The story continues to the time where God, through Moses, parted the Red Sea.  One of our craft activity was to re-create the entire scene using crepe paper, cardboard, play dough people and plastic farm animals.  We imagined how it would have felt for the Israelites – panic, awe-struck, tiredness, fear, excitement all rolled in one.

To let Hannah understand that these stories were not made-up, and that they really are actual events that took place long ago, I showed her the map where the Red Sea lies.

Throughout several weeks, we read stories like, “Let My People Go” by Tilda Balsley, “Miriam’s Cup: A Passover Story” by Fran Manushkin, and “Nachshon, who was  afraid to swim: A Passover Story” by Deborah Bodin Cohen.


Finally, we end the story of Moses with the 10 commandments.  We learned the 10 commandments through the 10 Commandments Train, found on ABC Jesus Loves Me website. We learned that God gave us rules to keep us safe and happy.

We observed that the 10 commandments can be grouped into two main commandments (mentioned in Matthew 22 and Mark 12):

  1. to love the Lord with all your heart, mind, and soul; and
  2. to love your neighbor as you love yourself.

The first three commandments focus on God, while the next seven commandments are about loving others and oneself.


As a family activity, we watched snippets of “The Prince of Egypt” and focused on the main themes.  Hannah simply loves the song, “River Lullaby” and requested to hear it again and again!


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