Games to Teach Children their Name


Hannah has been learning how to spell her name over the past weeks. Although it’s part of  3 Year ABC Jesus Loves Me curriculum, I follow the lesson plans loosely.

Besides learning to spell her name through a song (see my previous post), Hannah plays the following games:

  1. Put letters of her name in correct order
    I write letters of Hannah’s name on pieces of paper.  Then, have Hannah sort her name in the correct order.  I try not to interfere when she’s trying to piece her name together.  So even if she seems uncertain, I’ll ask her to try again.  If she still has trouble piecing them correctly, we’ll go through the name song to jog her memory.
  2. Pick the correct letters of her name and put them in correct order
    Once Hannah is able to put the letters of her name in correct order, I threw in extra letters, and she has to pick the correct letters and piece them together.  Again, we’ll recite the name song if she needs help.
  3. Arrange her name in correct order with the capital letter in front
    Now that Hannah is comfortable arranging the letters of her name in order, I introduced her name in lower case, and teaching her that the first letter of her name should be a capital.  There are still times, she’ll still get confused and put the capital letter “H” at the end.  I’ll correct her by  putting the capital letter in front.

It’s such an exciting period of learning to read and write!  If you have any other suggestions to help Hannah read and write, please share them with me.


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