Joseph and his colourful coat

A quick recap on what we did and learned for the story of Joseph.

(1) Life isn’t always fair. Your attitude and perspective are what matters.

We learned that life isn’t always a bed of roses. Life isn’t what we see in dramas and cartoons – no happily ever after.

We face decisions, challenges and trials all the time (whether we like or not). Rather than wallow in self-pity or blame whatever happened to us on someone else, wouldn’t it be better if we tell God our struggles and believe that we better ourselves through the tough times? It’s our attitude and perspective that matters. You determine whether you are going through a “tragedy” or challenge.

Joseph didn’t deserve to be sold and betrayed by his brothers, he didn’t deserve to be put behind bars, and clearly he didn’t deserve to be forgotten after helping the cupbearer. Still these awful things happened to him. Yet, he went through each episode, and made the best of circumstances. His attitude and perspective made a difference.

Eventually, he became the Pharaoh’s right-hand man, and saved his family and Egypt from famine.

(2) Be tactful with your words

In my honest opinion, Joseph telling his elder brothers that they’d bow to him wasn’t the cleverest thing to do. Some may say that he was just relaying his dreams. No wrong to that.

From where I was brought up, that’s completely disrespectful. They are after all, his elders, and one ought to consider how the other person would feel before one shoots his mouth off.

If Joseph needed to share with someone his dreams, he could have confided with his parents in private. There wasn’t a need to let his brothers know, especially with all that animosity.

(3) Be mindful of your feelings. Jealousy blinds vision; leading one to do silly things

It’s only human to feel jealous or angry but allowing it to manifest into an ugly monster, that’s not what we would want.

If we relate back to the 10 commandments, we recall that it tells us not to covet- become jealous of what others have.

Activity: A colorful coat to wear
My initial plan was to color a picture of Joseph and his coat. When I saw the remaining crepe paper in my drawer, I was inspired to create a “coat” for Hannah using just crepe paper, drawing paper and glue.

First, I cut a hole on a drawing paper. Then, we glued the crepe paper onto the paper and we’re done! It’s quick and easy.


Try it! Your very own colourful coat, just like Joseph.


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2 thoughts on “Joseph and his colourful coat”

  1. This is a sweet craft, with a solid Biblical application from the life of Joseph. I think my kids and I might be trying this out soon! Thank you for blogging.

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