DIY Montessori Inspired Stencils – Shapes


While reading up on writing and the progression of handwriting, I chanced upon a Montessori related article mentioning the use of metal inserts to teach children handwriting.  These inserts are of 10 geometrical shapes: circle, ellipse, oval, curvilinear triangle, quatrefoil, square, rectangle, triangle, trapezoid, and pentagon.

Upon googling, these metal inserts cost more than what I expect, so I’ve created my set of stencils using cardboard.  Although, it isn’t as sturdy as metal inserts, Hannah made good progress with them.  I didn’t do all 10 shapes just the basic few like circle, triangle, square, rectangle, and I’ve included a diamond shape since we’ve been learning about it.

I could see Hannah trying to control her color pencil and crayon while she traced around the stencils.  She happily named each shape as she traced.  It was a wonderful moment when I heard Hannah shouted, “Yeah!”, when she successfully traced her first shape.  The stencils were a great help as they guided her little hands. I sensed it was not as frustrating as drawing free-hand.

If your child is learning to write, why not DIY your very own set of shape stencils and watch your child have fun with them!


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