Putting into Practice – Household Chores



Are you at the stage where your two-year-old wants to do everything by himself? Hannah has been wanting to try this or do that every now and then.  And she tends to get frustrated if I wouldn’t let her or wanted to her do something else.

Recently, she wanted to learn to cut her food and wash the dishes. I was reluctant. I was afraid she might cut herself or the washing detergent might irritate her sensitive skin.  After much persuasion from Hannah, I relented.

For starters, she learned to cut her snacks with a butter knife.  It was a good opportunity to teach her fractions too.  I showed her what it meant to cut in halves and quarters.

Next, Hannah learned how to wash her cup, dish and utensils after each meal.  Usually, I would do the first scrub, after that she’d scrub the second round, and wash them.

I must admit, it isn’t easy for me to let Hannah do things on her own.  I’m taking baby steps one at a time.  I guess, it’s all part and parcel of parenthood.  She’s learning, I’m learning too.

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