Our First 2 Weeks: God and His Creation

Wow…a month just whizzed past! We’ve already completed the first three weeks of ABC Jesus Loves Me (ABCJLM) 3 Year curriculum. We finished the 2 year curriculum and moved on to the 3 year curriculum without any break. The 3 year curriculum is relatively similar to the 2 year’s. Now, we do a chronological study of Bible stories, letter writing and phonics.

For the new school year, I’m adopting more activities from Hubbard’s Cupboard’s Bible and Rhyme curriculum, as it also studies the Bible stories in chronological order. It even breaks down their activities into daily lesson plans. How wonderful!

Here are some of the activities we did for our very first story, Creation.


Clockwise from top left:

1. Creation book
Each day, as we learn about God’s creation, we would color a picture. At the end, we reviewed what we’ve learned using the pictures before compiling them into a book for keepsake.

2. White crayon art
On day 1, God created day and night. To depict day and night on paper, we doodled on white paper with white crayon. Then painted the paper using food coloring. We made the color, black out of red, yellow and blue dye. Although, I think my proportions weren’t correct as it turned out more greenish than black.

3. Sorting creatures that fly and swim
For day 5, we sorted creatures that fly and swim. The printable was taken from Hubbard’s Cupboard.

4. Wave bottle
We learned about water density and waves with mini wave bottles. The experiment wasn’t exactly successful as I ran out of baby oil. I was glad Hannah still enjoyed shaking the bottles furiously and seeing the bubbles rise. You can visit Kidspot for instructions to make a wave bottle.

5. Sorting activities that happen during the day and night
We sorted day and night activities using the printable from Hubbard’s Cupboard.

6. Sun, moon and stars mobile
We made a simple mobile with a clothes hanger, an old CD, yellow crepe paper (sun rays) and colored paper, cardboard and aluminum foil (star and moon).It’s really easy to make. Cut out the moon and star shapes from a cardboard, and wrap them with aluminum foil. For the sun, stick strands of yellow crepe paper on an old CD. Cover CD with yellow paper (leave the hole in the middle uncovered).To put them together, punch a hole on the star and moon. Thread through the pieces and tie them on a hanger. Hang your mobile by your window and see them twirl!


My thoughts for the new school year:

I must admit, I didn’t want to take a break from school for fear that we’d lose momentum if we stopped. It’s been part of daily routine for about a year now, and I wouldn’t know how to occupy our time without a schedule in mind. That being said, I don’t pack back-to-back activities or lessons for Hannah. I spread our school time throughout the entire day; generally short lessons (not more than 20 minutes). After which, we’d break to do something she likes, then carry on lesson again.

Although, it’s not our first year of homeschooling, I couldn’t help but feel excited and nervous all at the same time. I even had butterflies in my stomach on our first school day! I guess it’s also because knowing the fact that Hannah’s education rests in my hands, can be kind of overwhelming.

Now that Hannah is approaching 2.5 years old, people around me start to show concern about her education. Well-meaning friends advised me to start enrolling Hannah in enrichment classes, especially for Mandarin. Our command of Mandarin is terrible! So, they fear she’ll have problems coping with the language once she starts Primary 1 (age 7).

Some mothers shared with me the classes their children enrolled in, like whole brain training, speech and drama, music appreciation etc. There was even a suggestion to give Hannah worksheets to do. Suddenly, I panicked. Are we not doing enough at home? Am I shortchanging my daughter? Questions, self-doubt and fear of the unknown griped me.

While preparing the creation lessons, I’m once again humbled and reminded of God’s greatness. God, the creator of Heavens and the earth, is our God. How will He not know what is best for us? It’s calm-me-down time. I need to breathe and count to ten. I need to listen to His voice. I need to slow down my pace and know that He is in control.

Does that mean I will not send Hannah for enrichment classes? Not really. It means, I need to choose wisely when to start the classes and which classes to enroll. It boils down to what really matters. It means relying on His wisdom. I hope you would pray along with me, as we learn to live a life set apart for God.


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3 thoughts on “Our First 2 Weeks: God and His Creation”

  1. Enjoy reading all your sharings. i may try it on my second child when he is two plus years old. Enjoy the time spent with your little princess while she’s young !
    You mean you’re homeschooling her for the kindergarten years ?


    1. Thanks for dropping by, Jeslyn. I’m glad you enjoyed reading the activities. Let me know how it goes with your child. 🙂 I’m homeschooling Hannah through the kindergarten years for now. I’m uncertain if I’m going to homeschool her beyond that, as I’m really taking baby steps. We have a good 4 years before she’s ready for Primary 1 (age 7). I’m just continuing to rely on God’s wisdom and direction as He paves the way.

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