Ball Painting


I recently bought a clock from Ikea and after I hung the clock on the wall, Hannah asked if she could have the packaging.  So I gave her the empty packaging and she pretended it was a tray or a hat (tried balancing it on her head).

Then, it struck me…why not use it for our art and craft? I recalled seeing from several websites where the children painted using a tray and a ball or marble.  It seemed fun and I thought Hannah might enjoy it.

We didn’t have a small ball or marble at home so I improvised by using a round container (those you get from slot machines).

Sure enough, the little girl didn’t waste any time.  Hannah painted standing, squatting, and kneeling.  She used her thighs and the floor to control the movement of the ball.  This seems more like a workout for her! Haha~

She quickly got the hang of rolling the “ball” around the tray and splattered different coloured paints now and then on the paper.

As I used DIY puffy paint, it gave somewhat a 3D effect to the painting.  You could feel the bumps of the paint once it dried.  I think Hannah liked what she did.  That evening, she rushed to show Daddy her art work.  🙂

Things used

  • Pysig’s packaging (you can use a tray or a dish)
  • Round container, marble or ball (you could try using several marbles too)
  • Thick paper (I got those from Ikea)
  • Puffy paint (I mixed corn starch and water with food dye)

What I like about ball painting

It’s a sure way to burn off those energy!  It’s easy to clean up (just make sure you end the session before your little one starts using their legs).  Plus, it improves your child’s fine and gross motor skills.  They learn about colour mixing too.


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