The Versatile Blogger Award


Thank you, Meg, of 2livelovelearn for the blessing of this nomination!  I’m indeed pleasantly surprised and honored to receive this award from you. 🙂  I’ve just started following your blog not too long ago, and I’ve enjoyed reading your honest and inspiring posts about parenthood, homeschooling and the ups of downs of life.

Now, on to the rules…

7 things to share about myself :

  1. Hannah has taught me more about my relationship with God, than anything I knew before.
  2. I’m a cautious shopper.  I think twice, thrice (sometimes more) before I purchase something.
  3. Homeschooling has made me bolder; thick-skinned.  I’m forced to step out of my comfort zone and not let things get to me too much.
  4. I secretly wish that I had an older brother to look out for me.  While growing up, I always envied my cousins and friends who had elder brothers.
  5. I love dogs!
  6. Under the influence of my husband, I’ve picked up jogging as an exercise and enjoy it.
  7. I intend to pick up dressmaking so that I can make clothes the way I like it.
My favorite blogs (this is not easy at all!) :
  1. Deriving mommyhood
  2. Raising kids with love
  3. Kintal
  4. Lisa Jayne Murray
  5. Motherhood is an art
  6. Homemaker’s heart
  7. The door 2 door librarian
  8. Atlanta mom of three
  9. Good time stories
  10. Daily mom prayers

Thank you again, Meg for this nomination!

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