Once Upon a Cloud

Cover of "Once Upon A Cloud"
Cover of Once Upon A Cloud

I’ve just realised that I’ve forgotten to pen this book of the week down!  Better not waste any more time and get things started.

One word to describe the book, “Once Upon a Cloud“, by Rob D. Walker? Whimsical.

The soothing illustrations and colours made it all seem very dream-like.  Like any child, we are often amazed by the magic of clouds and the different shapes it can produce.  Rob D. Walker shares his “theories” of how clouds come to be.  From cotton candy that melts in our mouths to comfy cushions where birds take their rest from cats.

Hannah enjoyed reading this book time and time again.  Then again, who wouldn’t?

To go along with the book, I wanted the little girl to explore how it would be like if she could “touch” the clouds.  Would it be light and puffy, or soft and damp?

Ivory Soap Soufflé

Here’s one activity that I wanted to do but I couldn’t find any “Ivory” brand soap in Singapore.  If you happen to have one on hand, try the Ivory Soap Soufflé experiment. 🙂  Apparently, you have to use “Ivory” brand soap as it is air pumped during the manufacturing process.  So, unlike other beauty soaps, this one floats on water.

Cloud Dough

With one activity out of the window, I scoured the Internet for something similar, easy-to-do and suitable for preschoolers.  Then, I chanced upon Tinkerlab’s cloud dough recipe.  It was the right activity to keep Hannah occupied.  She enjoyed this activity so much that we played twice within the week.  The recipe was easy and she was excited to help out with the measuring.

I used “Ginvera” olive oil as a substitute (not cooking oil but a makeup remover or moisturizer) and it worked just as well.  The dough was smooth and had a pleasant smell. It felt similar to damp sand.  It is a good idea to play outside or lay newspapers before playing, as this might get pretty messy and leaves an oily residue.


So go on, and imagine your clouds today!


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