Celebrating National Day – Singapore Flag, National Anthem and Pledge

An outline of Singapore’s map and the pledge – taken from Today’s Newspaper.

The week leading to National Day was exciting as we learned about our country, Singapore. I wasn’t sure where to begin since there were so many things we could learn. Eventually, I narrowed down my scope to the following:

Calendar and Math

First, we marked on our calendar, August 9, 2013. I shared with Hannah that it would be Singapore’s birthday that day, and related how the entire nation would be celebrating with songs, performances and fireworks.

While studying the Singapore flag, we identified its colours and symbols. We counted the number of stars on the flag, and noticed how they form a beautiful pentagon (since stars are pentagrams).

I printed a template of the Singapore flag and had Hannah colour it. It wasn’t easy for her to keep to just one colour (that’s why you see streaks of blue and green on her flag). Then we made it into a flag.


During our morning walks, we would go around the estate and count the number of Singapore flags. Hannah enjoyed spotting the flags at every corner!

Geography and Language

Map of Singapore – taken from Today’s Newspaper

I came across another map of Singapore in the newspaper. This one showed the various estates in Singapore and was useful, as I showed Hannah where we lived, and where her cousins and grandparents lived.

We also learned the word, “Singapore” in Malay and Mandarin:

Singapura – in Malay

新加坡 (Xīn jiā pō) – in Mandarin

Art and Craft

During our play dough session, we re-created the symbols on the Singapore flag. We didn’t have white Play-Doh so we used whatever colours we had on hand.



We learned the National Pledge by listening and singing along to, “We are Singapore”, a classic National Day Parade theme song. Additionally, we watched a 2011 National Day Parade segment where participants were taking the Pledge and singing to the National Anthem, “Majulah Singapura”.




I managed to find a children’s book from the library that illustrates some of Singapore’s attractions and our national icon, the Merlion. While the book, “Sasha visits Singapore” is a fairly old publication (printed in 2006), it served a useful resource to us. We discussed what the Merlion was (mythical creature, head of a lion and body of a fish) as Hannah tried to spot the Merlion in the book. Interestingly, she also spotted the icon on the newly minted one dollar coin.


Highlight of the Week

The highlight of the week must definitely be the live fireworks display we managed to catch at our friend’s place. Hannah stood in awe as she viewed the spectacular fireworks. It was awesome! All in all, I gathered that Hannah enjoyed this entire week. I caught her reciting parts of the Pledge and saying “Majulah!” every now and then.

Oh before you go, enjoy this lovely fireworks display which I found on YouTube. Have a fantastic week!

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