Pretend play and money counting

Hannah enjoys playing pretend. One of her aspirations is to be a store keeper. One day, she chanced upon a toy cash register in a magazine and begged to buy one.

Being a frugal mom, I decided to show Hannah how to make one instead. First, we collected three boxes of varied sizes. We were lucky to have found a box that could slide open – perfect for storing coins.

Next, we wrapped the cartons with Mala paper and stuck them together with double-sided tape. Then, the fun bit: decorate!

While I drew the “buttons” and the “scanner”, Hannah decorated the exterior with stickers and random doodles.

Hannah decided to set up a book store and wore her craft apron. I guessed that must be her uniform ~ hee!

What’s a store without a name right? So, we created a signboard with the wipe-and-swipe magnetic board.

Before we can open our shop, this little shopkeeper has to first learn how to identify money; starting with 50 cents and a dollar.

Now, time to put our cash register to the test!

Hannah welcomed her first customer and showed me her books on display. She, being the shopkeeper with excellent customer service, recommended(subsequently insisted that I buy) several of her favourite reads.

We played several rounds before she decided to call it a day.

All in all, the cash register “survived” Hannah’s rough handling and she stopped asking me to buy things for her. The buzzword has since changed to “make”!


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