The Carrot Seed


Over the past few weeks, our bible theme (weeks 25 to 29 of ABC Jesus Loves Me Curriculum) revolved around special times with God, which included learning what the Bible was, how we could build a relationship with God through prayer, and how God loves to hear us worship.

To complement the theme, I borrowed the book, “The Carrot Seed” by Ruth Krauss.  The book did not have colourful illustrations, the text was simple but the message was powerful.  The story talks about a little boy who planted a carrot seed.  Even though, his family told him that it wouldn’t grow, the little boy continued to water the seed and pulled the weeds around the plant.  Eventually, a carrot sprang up, just as the little boy thought it would.  The book managed to capture the essence of something so profound (faith) in such a easy-to-understand manner.

What we learned:

  1. When we pray, we should believe in what we are praying for, and whom we are praying to.  Otherwise, those prayers are just empty words that fall to the ground.
  2. Rather than succumbing to what others (or society) say, we ought to believe in ourselves and the decisions we make.
  3. We cannot change the mindset of others but we can control ours.

Here are the activities we did for the book of the week:

Planting “seeds” in play dough

This was an unplanned activity.  I showed Hannah some dried green beans (bought from the dried beans and pulses section in the supermarket).  She “planted” them into her play dough and after that, she dug them all out!  Oh well…it’ll help develop her fine motor skills.

Growing green beans on cotton wool pads

Just like the little boy who planted the carrot seed, we used the green beans that Hannah dug out to grow our plant.  It was amazing to see how FAST the plants grow!  We placed damp cotton wool pads in a plastic container and dropped the beans in.  Within two to three days,  the beans started to sprout its roots.  Within the week, we could see the leaves!

Hannah was thrilled to see the plant growing.  I reiterated the story of “The Carrot Seed” and its lessons learned.  In addition, we talked about life-cycles i.e. baby to elderly person, and seed to a plant.

Counting Play-Doh carrots

We did not have any real carrots on hand so we counted Play-Doh carrots while making them.  We also tried arranging the carrots from the shortest to the tallest.

If you’re looking for a perk-me-up, grab “The Carrot Seed” book today!

P/s: The green beans are still growing! I’ve replanted them into soil and Hannah wakes up looking at them every morning.


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