DIY Alphabet Board


A project long overdue! I’ve been wanting to create an alphabet board since our DIY Alphabet chart was ripped to pieces. This time, I’m hoping it’ll last longer (the previous one lasted no more than three months).

To make the alphabet board, I used the following materials:

  1. Ikea’s NYTTJA frame (50 X 70 cm)
  2. Ikea’s MALA drawing paper
  3. Alphabet stickers (purchased from a scrap-booking store)

Cut the drawing paper to size. The width of the MALA drawing paper is 47cm so it will leave a small gap. Stick the alphabet on the paper and frame it.


Games and Activities for the Alphabet Board

Interestingly, Hannah seemed to know what to do upon seeing the alphabet board.  She took her Melissa and Doug’s alphabet peg puzzle and started to match with the letters on the board.  Her self-created game!  She was matching the capital and lower-case letters.

We played another similar game using the alphabet jar lids.  This was a straightforward game of matching lower-case letters.

The alphabet board also become a useful tool for us to practice our ABCs.  As part of our routine, we would either sing to the names or sounds of the letters.


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