Learning Alphabet with Play-Doh


A dear friend surprised us with a set of alphabet cookie cutters recently.  It definitely came in handy as we learned letter-sound relationships.  Here’s what we would usually do:

  1. Grab tubs of Play-Doh and alphabet cookie-cutters.
  2. Roll the Play-Doh flat.
  3. Name the letters and its sound as we press the cutters into the dough.
  4. Cut out simple words like “Jump”, “Hannah”, “Dad” and blending the sounds to form the word.

This simple activity helps Hannah improve her phonemic awareness and fine motor skills.  I was pleasantly surprised that she could play the game for this long (and so often).

Quick tip: Prepare lots of Play-Doh!  You just can’t help jumping in and getting your hands dirty too! It’s kind of therapeutic kneading and feeling the smooth, soft dough in your hands.


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