DIY Wall Calendar – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow


I have always wanted to create a wall calendar, especially after seeing beautiful ones posted by other home schoolers.  It might be all too intimidating for me to do everything at once.  So for a start, I’ve created a calendar that tells the days of the week according to yesterday, today and tomorrow.  It was made from materials found right at home!

Using the felt “clouds” from Hannah’s party, I made them as background.  Then, cut three sheets of clear file pockets into A5 size and stuck them on the felt.  I used double-sided tape to hold the pockets.  Following which, I labelled “Yesterday”, “Today”, “Tomorrow” and the days of the week on A5 sized coloured paper, and wrapped them with self-adhesive book covers.  That’s all there is to it!

Hannah was at her Granny’s place for the afternoon when I made the calendar.  When she returned, Hannah was quick to notice the little surprise.  She recognised the felt “clouds” (she said “Cloud. Hannah’s party”) and was busy removing the days from the pockets.

We have been using the “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” calendar for roughly two weeks.  Everyday, at the start of “school”, I would go through the days in both English and Mandarin.  She is gradually to recognise the sequence.  Thus far, she has gotten Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday right.

P/s: I have noticed that there are many sections to creating a wall calendar.  What are your must-haves?  I might need your recommendation on this 🙂


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