DIY Clothes Peg Number Match


To help Hannah revise her numbers from 1-10, I came up with a matching game using clothes pegs and dot stickers.  I reckoned most mothers have played something similar with their children before.

I had previously made number cards using a cereal box and number stickers (bought from scrap-booking shop).  Hannah hasn’t played with them for a while so I decided to recycle them for our game.  Using leftover dot stickers, I wrote the numbers, stuck them on the clothes peg and had Hannah match them.


There are many variations of matching games you could try:

  1. Number word to digit (I’m going to try this next)
  2. Capital letter to lower-case letter
  3. Number dots to digit or number word
  4. Peg colour to word
  5. Number of pegs to digit
  6. Spelling

The list is endless!  Just do a quick search on the Internet and you know what I mean.  I’m starting to love my pegs already! Never underestimate the humble clothes peg ~Hee!

P/s: I love this set of rainbow coloured pegs.  They just brighten up my laundry days 🙂


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