Ella Sarah Gets Dressed

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This wasn’t the intended book of the week.  I couldn’t find the recommended book by ABCJLM at our library, and wasn’t sure which other book I should replace with.  So as I was glancing through the book recommendations by the library, this book caught my attention.  I grabbed it and walked out of the library. I have to admit, I chose the book because of its beautiful illustrations.  The attractive patterns reminded me of printmaking and tapestry.

Ella Sarah Gets Dressed” is written and illustrated by Margaret Chodos-Irvine.  This Caldecott Honor-winning story is about a spunky little girl who woke up one morning wanting to dress in a particular way.  But all her family members advised her otherwise, and gave alternatives (to dress how they would).  Ella Sarah was determined to keep her fashion sense and she eventually did!

Hannah resonated with this story particularly because she’s at the stage where she wants to do everything on her own.  She also adored the little teddy that appeared in the story. Naturally, my little girl followed through all the book of the week activities and couldn’t have enough of it.  Here are the things we did:

Filling in the story
As I re-read the story, Hannah filled in the repeated phrases e.g. when Ella Sarah says “pink polka-dot pants, dress with orange-and-green flowers…”

Hannah gets dressed day
This is Hannah’s favourite activity! I allowed her to dress up however she wants.  Of course, the outfit didn’t last for long.  It was way too humid to layer the clothes!


Pinning clothes on washing line
I borrowed this idea from storytime kate.  We hung cut-out “clothes” (made from coloured paper) on a ribbon “washing line”.  This is a good fine motor skill for Hannah as she carefully strung the clothes with her pegs.


On the whole, I’m glad my spur-of-the-moment decision (I’m not usually like this) brought good results.  This is definitely a must-read for your à la mode little girl.


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