A Father’s Day Gift and a Lesson for Mama


It’s Father’s Day!  While the past two years have been kind of a blur for Hannah, this little girl is all grown up now.  I pointed 16 June on the calendar and shared with her that it was Father’s Day.  I told Hannah that it’s a special day to show extra love to Daddy, and asked if she wanted to make something for him.  She nodded and said she wanted to draw.

We took out our art materials and Hannah was ready to start.  She chose a white paper, ink pads, paper flower cut-outs, markers and crayons.  I was very tempted to direct her (especially when I saw her smudging the ink instead of pressing her fingers down nicely on the paper), but I held my tongue.  It was her gift, her creation, her art.

Once she was happy with her creation, I asked Hannah what she would like to say to Daddy, and wanted to write the message for her.  But Hannah said, “Hannah try, Hannah try.”  I was caught by surprise when I saw her writing “E” and “L” on the card.  It wasn’t perfect but it was legible.

The result?  A simple card filled with love and admiration for her Daddy.

My learning point of the day?  Stop being so directive.  I will never know what my child has learned or can achieve, unless I first learn to let go.



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