Week 20: Jesus takes care of me (Psalm 23)

We have passed the halfway mark of the 36-week ABC Jesus Loves Me Curriculum! Hooray! It has been about half a year since we started “school”. Looking back on our early days, I recall feeling the pressure of keeping pace with every activity listed on the weekly plan. Barely a month into the curriculum, I felt like giving up. I was behind schedule, my house was in a terrible mess, and Hannah did not seem to be interested in doing any of the activities. One night, I got up and asked God to show me what went wrong and if I was on the right track. Would I be better off letting Hannah be in a child care centre? Are we suitable for homeschooling? Tons of questions to be answered.

God has been faithful. He is indeed our good Shepherd. I learned to stop seeing the lesson plans as tasks (striking off each completed activity). Instead, I followed Hannah’s lead while bearing in mind the weekly lesson objectives. I slowly learned what she enjoyed doing, and stop forcing her to complete an activity.

Then things began to fall in place. Hannah wanted to play more games, read more books and do more crafts. We started to enjoy learning together (instead of always directing her what to do). Of course, there are days when she just didn’t want to do anything, but to play with her blocks or lay on my lap daydreaming. I have learned to enjoy that.

As we begin this month’s theme, “Jesus is my shepherd”. I am reminded of our journey thus far. The road is long, we have merely just begun. To all homeschoolers out there, I am glad to share this journey with you.

Our activities for the week


I found this mini book of Psalm 23 over the Internet and made it into flashcards instead. We will be memorizing one bible verse (one card) each week.

Over the past few days, we have been reading the parable of the Good Shepherd and watched a video of the story, which I had found on YouTube. It was funny to see Hannah re-enacting the scene where the shepherd carried the lost sheep over his shoulders 🙂

Finally, we end our bible activity by listening to Psalm 23 by God’s Kids Worship. More Psalm 23 activities coming up!



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