Crayon rubbings


Here’s an easy to do activity and one which I’ve enjoyed when I was a little girl.

I used coins, leaves picked from our nature walk and a tin cover. Funnily, Hannah didn’t want to use the items for her crayon rubbings. She’d rather play with the items or draw with her crayons. She simply kept them separate.

I tried to introduce this activity over two days but she would prefer watching me. The second time round, she tried identifying where the items were (under the paper) and wanted to choose the colours for the rubbings.

Although, Hannah responded very differently from what I had in mind, I guess this is what makes homeschooling meaningful. We learn more about our child everyday – how unique each of them are. And through this, knowing our child’s heart; how we could nurture them.

Have you had an experience where your little one reacts very differently from how you thought he/she would?



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4 thoughts on “Crayon rubbings”

  1. I appreciate the radical change you’ve embraced away from corporate life. I know you’d rather have “beloved wife and mother” on your headstone than “corporate crackerjack and money-mover”. H is beautiful. It’s your observation of her uniqueness and flexibility with her in this activity that I appreciate. I have a whole LEARNING section (under Topics) that applies to homeschooling, if it interests. Blessings!!


    1. Thank you very much, Diana for your encouragement. I recall reading (from somewhere) that life are like chapters of a book, for this chapter in time, my child is my main focus. I’ll be sure to visit your site. Thanks for dropping by!

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