DIY Alphabet and Colour games – reusing bottle lids


Like most mothers, I lack sleep. On nights when Hannah doesn’t sleep through, I’d wake up bleary-eyed while she’s all energized even with just a few hours of sleep. So, I turn to chicken essence for a perk-me-up.

And what do I do with my empty chicken essence bottles? I recycle the glass jars and re-use the lids to entertain Hannah.

Here are two games I’ve done thus far:

(1) Knowing the ABCs
You’ll need lots of bottle lids for this one. But you may skip creating the entire alphabet and just focus a few letters at a time. I’ve made the alphabet in lower case, using pipe cleaners (re-used from previous alphabet craft).

You could do both upper and lower cases as a matching game. Alternatively, flip the lids over and you have a memory game.

For starters, I’m introducing letter recognition to Hannah. I’ll ask her to find me a letter. That helps me identify which lower-case letter(s) she needs more help in.

(2) Colour and groupings
You could stick coloured paper or patterned paper on the lids and then have your child identify or match them.

I used the lids to introduce colours to Hannah when she was younger. Now, she groups the colours accordingly. I’m intending to expanding the set as she learns more colours.

These are just some quick to make, educational and cheap alternatives for your children to enjoy.


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4 thoughts on “DIY Alphabet and Colour games – reusing bottle lids”

    1. 🙂 Those are collected over a year. Hannah’s sleeping pattern has been erratic. She might be sleeping through a period, and waking up in the wee mornings the next.

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