Ten little fish


We were introduced to this interesting counting rhyme book, “Ten Little Fish” when we embarked week 17 of ABCJLM’s curriculum.  The glittery touches and cute illustrations made counting a lot more fun.  The story starts with 10 fish and counts down to one.  But it’s a sweet ending for the last fish as he meets his other half, and starts a family of 10 little fish.

For the book of the week activities, I made a felt board of the story.  As I retold the story, I got Hannah to take one fish away at a time and have her count with me.  I taped the back of each fish with a metal lid so that she could “catch” each fish with a rod (with magnetic dot).

During the week, we visited our neighborhood aquarium shop.  Hannah likes looking at fish very much.  She is fascinated at how they move their mouths and often tries to imitate.

Coincidentally, Grandma bought a fishing game from Daiso, and that came in handy for our pretend play. I tried to create a fish craft with fingerprints but my plan went awry.  My little girl started messing around with the ink and smudging it everywhere.  Thus, explaining why no photos were provided.

If you are interested to create fingerprint characters, take a look at DLTK’s Crafts for Kids. It provides directions on how to create the various characters.

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