DIY children’s puzzles


Buying puzzles can be pretty expensive especially if there’s a tendency for the child to get bored after playing a couple of rounds. With an empty tissue box at hand, I decided to make one on shapes. It took me less than 20 minutes to complete (I was chatting with my husband and making it at the same time). I have to admit, the puzzles aren’t as fancy as those in the store but it serves its purpose and of no cost!

I started with a two-piece puzzle then “upgraded” them by cutting them into fours.  Some of the pieces are little worn out now (due to Hannah’s constant bending) but I’m glad she is still playing with them 🙂


This puzzle was created using ABCJLM’s template.  I pasted the template on to empty cardboard pieces and used cellophane tape to go round each piece several times (my cheaper way of “laminating” the pieces).

After making these puzzles, I’ve now started collecting empty cereal and tissue boxes in hope to make more puzzles for Hannah. 

How have you used empty cardboard boxes to keep your little one occupied?


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