Two by two – Noah’s ark birthday theme for Hannah

Saturday was a special day for us. It was Hannah’s second birthday! It was also Hannah’s first themed party. We had a simple, no-frills celebration for her first birthday.

Now that Hannah’s older, I wanted to do something special that she could remember and enjoy. I chose a Noah’s ark theme.

I designed and printed a rainbow motif on our tops. While, Daddy handmade a lovely pink tutu. It was his surprise for his little girl.


I tried to keep the party decorations simple and fuss free. We pasted colored animals on the entrance door, balloons around the function room, and a rainbow as the main feature. I used crepe paper for the rainbow and white felt for the clouds.




The activity packs for the children were Noah’s ark sticker scenes. I used A4 sized envelopes to store the activity packs (Audrey and Regina, you did a great job with the coloring!)

I didn’t create an ark since the room was suppose to be the “ark”. But the theme would definitely stand out more with a picture of an ark.

I scattered pairs of plastic animals around the birthday cake and cupcakes. The highlight of the event was definitely the adorable cupcakes and birthday cake made by our dear friend. (Thank you so much, Ivy!)


Decoration cost
1) Crepe paper: $0.65 x 5 = $3.25
2) Felt cloud: $2.00
3) Rest of decorations: $0 (found around the house or were leftovers)
Total: $5.25



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4 thoughts on “Two by two – Noah’s ark birthday theme for Hannah”

    1. Thank you mummyshymz. Yes, Hannah enjoyed herself thoroughly. I reused some of the decorations in her room. She loves running her hands through the rainbow crepe paper.

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