Celebrating Jesus’s birthday and mine


The ABCJLM curriculum is set to begin by end August and finish by first of May. Since we embarked the curriculum around Nov-Dec 2012, and took slightly longer than a week to learn some of the lessons, we came to the week’s theme, “birth of Jesus”, in May.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue with the theme since it may seem funny to do Christmas related activities right in the middle of the year. But on second thought, it might work after all. Hannah’s birthday falls in May and I could work around a birthday theme.

I started to look for books relating to birthdays and the birth of Jesus. The good news was all the Christmas stories were available in the library for our browsing!

Hannah enjoyed reading “Listen to the Silent Night” by Dandi Daley Mackall, and “It’s My Birthday” by Helen Oxenbury.

She would make the sounds mentioned in “Listen to the Silent Night”; like the “rap tap tap” on the innkeeper’s door and the “moo moo moo” of the cows.

As for “It’s My Birthday”, Hannah likes to list the ingredients required to make a cake, and the names of the animals that helped made the cake.

We talked about the birth of Jesus and Hannah’s birth: when it took place, where it took place and who was around. Generally, it was to share both the differences and similarities.

I showed pictures of Hannah when she was just a few days old, right up to her first birthday. We talked about how she has grown and how it would be similar for Jesus e.g. learning to crawl, walk and talk.

We also did a simple countdown to Hannah’s birthday by marking out the calendar every morning. That has gotten Hannah excited about her party! (in two days time)

All in all, I guess it was a good idea to go ahead with the theme after all! Have you encountered a similar situation in your curriculum?


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