Classical music and opera appreciation


Our default radio station at home is Symphony 92.4FM. So inevitably, Hannah’s exposed to classical music right from the start. There are many school of thoughts that support the benefits of children listening to classical music, and equating to a brighter child. This is definitely not our reason for introducing Hannah to classical music. It’s simply to appreciate good music like how my husband and I have come to love. Also, I’d rather see Hannah dance to a classical piece than some one hit wonder.

Recently, Hannah was interested in the pictures of people playing instruments and the opera. She came across them while browsing Daddy’s magazine.

So one of our activity was to cut up the pictures that interest her, and I introduced the instruments to her. We borrowed books and DVDs from the library. Two of Hannah’s favourite are “The Animal Orchestra” (a Little Golden Book Classic) and “Zin, Zin, Zin, a Violin” by Lloyd Moss. She learnt most of the instruments from these two books. Plus, Hannah picked up terms like “nonet”and “solo”. I was learning along with her too!

If you have older kids, you should check out Happily Occupied Homebodies post on music appreciation. It’s wonderful!

Music Appreciation for Kids.


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8 thoughts on “Classical music and opera appreciation”

    1. Thanks! Hannah enjoyed herself and that’s what matters to me. We could learn things just from anywhere. šŸ™‚ And I’ve def learnt a few things about classical music from your post too!

  1. Music education doesn’t seem to be a priority for the public school system anymore… it’s very sad to see how different a student’s “typical day” is so different now than when I was in elementary, junior high, and high school. The focus has become testing-testing-testing, and most people don’t seem to realize how important music and art are to society, civilization, and humanity. So glad to hear your family is enjoying music together šŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for your comments. Yes, sadly, music and the arts have taken a backseat while everyone focuses on academic results. But there’s always something families could do to get quality music back into their children’s lives. šŸ™‚

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