Good night, Gorilla


One of Hannah’s all-time favourite: “Good Night, Gorilla” by Peggy Rathmann.  We used the printables and the activities suggested by Homeschool Share.  Hannah’s not into colouring right now (she’s still doodling) so we skipped the colouring activities.

I created flash cards of the featured animals to introduce their names (in English and Mandarin) to her.  She particularly enjoyed “opening” (with sound effects included!) the cages of the animals with the different coloured keys.

We aligned this book of the week with ABCJLM’s Week 6 Curriculum.  Hannah enjoyed the theme so much that I extended for another week.  2 weeks of fun with wild animals! ROAR!

More details of our animal activities

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3 thoughts on “Good night, Gorilla”

    1. Hi mummyshymz,

      Glad to have known you too! Hannah’s turning 2 next month.
      Good night, gorilla is def one of the hot fav among toddlers. 😉

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