Counting numbers 1-10


I started out teaching Hannah numbers using ABCJLM’s apple tree number poster.  To make the “fruits”, I’ve used orange stickers (easily available at stationery stores), and stuck the posters at the activity corner so that Hannah reviews the numbers every time she walks past it.

Now at 22 months, Hannah is able to recognise the numbers and say them both in English and Mandarin.  She started to identify 1-3 in Spanish too! I had introduced her to Spanish while Daddy was on a work trip in Spain. 

I’ve also realised she started to count backwards i.e. 5 to 1 recently.  I think that’s because I often give her a 5-seconds or 10-seconds countdown before we move on to our activity.  Sometimes, when she’s into one activity, it’s difficult for her to move to another.  So I would explain to her that we’ll move to the next activity after I’m done counting.  This gives her time to adjust and prepare herself for the next activity.


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