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Alongside with our book of the week, “Good Night, Gorilla“, we read stories relating to wild animals and farm animals.  This ties in nicely with Week 7 of ABCJLM’s Curriculum – farm animals.

I’ve also adopted some of Hubbard’s Cupboard’s suggested activities for zoo animals.  Hannah enjoyed making animal prints/tracks on her play-dough and paint.  Even now, she’ll ask for her animals whenever she plays play-dough.

We’ve also learned to separate farm animals from wild animals.  Sadly, our stack of plastic animals didn’t have much of the wild animals.  So the comparison was a little lopsided.  Hannah insisted of having the ostrich as a farm animal.  She’s not entirely wrong there! :)

If you have older kids, you can create your own zoo as suggested by “No Time for Flash Cards”.  We’ll definitely try this out when Hannah starts writing!

TIP: For the paint, I simply added food dye into water and used old cardboard so that Hannah can splosh splash however she wants.  I’ll probably get proper paint when Hannah’s older.


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