Body parts, emotions, 5 senses


We are focusing on body parts, emotions and the five senses these couple of weeks.

We borrowed some of the recommended books by Hubbard’s Cupboard from the library.

I’ve made flash cards to show the different emotions.

As for sensory activities, we would bring a magnifying glass along for our walks. Hannah (22 mths) loves discovering the ants, spiders and weeds. She likes blowing dandelions.

At home, I let Hannah smell, taste, play and feel with spices like basil, pepper, turmeric.

We did a “God made me” scrap book (as suggested in ABCJLM’s curriculum) and pasted magazine cut outs of people; documenting their differences and similarities.


As for games, we’ll read the “Funny Face” book by Anna Walker and act out the faces accordingly. Hannah also enjoys acting alongside books like, “Clap your hands” by Kate Ruttle and Mariam Latimer, “The sounds around town” by Maria Carluccio and “Mice squeak, we speak” by Arnold L. Shapiro.


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