Raising Hannah

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As I slow down my pace to watch my little one and Daddy, I somehow start to reflect our journey thus far.  Little H is indeed growing every day.  Sometimes, I’m get so caught up with the mundane routine that I forget to smell the roses.  It’s times like these, that allows me to savour the moments.

My little one, see how you’ve grown!
I can still remember the day we brought you home.
You were so fragile and small.
We’ve been through so much together.
The times you had colic, reflux and all.
We were so worried and couldn’t see how we could overcome them.

Look at you now! Climbing and running about.
New challenges await us as you grow.
I know we will face the journey together, hand in hand.
Do not worry, our God provides.

My little one, you will always be my little one.


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